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Available forms

CONOPT is available as an integrated or optional solver with many of the modern modeling systems and it is available as a Fortran Subroutine library.

We recommend that you always consider using CONOPT with a Modeling System. It is much easier and more reliable, especially during model development. Due to higher volume and lower support requirements the modeling system versions of CONOPT are also cheaper. Additional information on CONOPT for the various modeling systems is available directly from the vendors of these systems at the following addresses (given in alphabetical order):

The versions of CONOPT available with the modeling systems are all designed to follow the conventions of the modeling system and they are optimized for the particular model format of each modeling system. Most modeling systems and their CONOPT solver are available on a number of hardware platforms.

The CONOPT Subroutine Library should only be used in very special cases where the higher implementation cost can be justified, e.g. where a finished model that has been developed and tested via a modeling system is going to be built into some larger application. The library is available for many hardware platforms. Under Microsoft Windows we supply a DLL that is compatible with all standard conforming compilers. On most Unix systems we supply a Shared Library or Shared Object that support the standard systems compilers on the particular hardware platform. CONOPT is written in Fortran for maximal performance and you will on some Unix systems need either a compatible Fortran compiler or another language compiler with Fortran runtime support.

Some of the model definition requirements for the Library are described on the Model definition page. You should note that some of the efficiency of CONOPT is derived from the use of 2nd derivatives. These derivatives are automatically available with most modeling systems, but very hard to supply otherwise.